Hosteria 700

since 1994

The Hosteria 700 rises in a corner of the central Gallina Square, just 300 meters far from the Cathedral. It is situated on the ground floor of the ancient Barbò family’s palace, whose owner is the Marquise Donna Marietta, so called “The Bodora”.
The building of the palace date back to 1837, thanks to the work of the architect Carlo Visioli. The rooms, richly decorated by the Cremonese painters Giovanni Motta and Gallo Gallina, furnished with mirrors of the neo barocchetto style, gives to the restaurant an elegance and a style really unmistakable.
The restaurant mantains and enfasizes the lovely particularity of the ancient palace, which gives it a hospitable atmosphere so elegant in its genre.
You can have lunch or dinner absorbed by this magnificent context, feeling good sensation and mixing fragrances, flavors and aromas.


Among our specialities we advice you:

  • Rice 700 (with speck, rocket and smoked cheese)
  • Marubini Cremonesi (tortelli filled with brased meet, served with butter and sage or in broth)
  • Sliced steak of beef
  • Nougat parfait


The Hosteria 700’s menu purposes dishes from the real Cremonese cuisine: we give importance especially to the ingredients, always genuine and local, and to the dishes’ preparations.


1. Osterie d'Italia 2015
“…the setting is that of a restaurant that follows the seasonality and the raw material’s availability.” ”… not just pasta is home-made, but also the amazing mostarda and the jams”
2. Ospitalità Italiana
“An elegant restaurant in an ancient palace. It portrays lovely and with respect the culinary tradition of the local area, which is brought on the tables partnered by a wide range of wine, non just from Lombardy but also from the whole Italy. Dessert is home-made. ”
3. Bell'Italia
“The real Cremonese cuisine in the rooms of an ancient palace of the city centre. Filled pastas, risotti, boiled meet, mostarda, pumpkin. All with a great attemption to the raw materials. We advice to try the nougat parfait”
4. La Provincia
“Though the presence are all feminine, there is not the gost of Donna Marietta Barbò who soflty wander between the Hosteria 700’s rooms: the owner Natalina Fenocchio and Marina Morelli walk through the tables, unobtrusive, professional and polite ”