Hosteria 700

Creamed Codfish with potatoes sauce and saffron
Mazzara del Vallo’s Red Prawns tartare with citrus and raspberries sauce
Octopus and potatoes warm salad with black olives and confit tomatoes
Potatoes’ soufflè with withe truffle sauce
Selection of cured meats from Cremonese land with home made mustard and provolone cheese
Zibello’s Culatello 30 months with homemade “giardiniera”
Chestnut gnocchi with Porcini mushrooms and Bufala cheese
(Ruggero Massari farm house)
Cremonese marubini with butter and sage or cooked in three kind of broth
Egg Tagliatelle (or gluten-free pasta) with roe sauce
Egg Tagliatelle with basil, red prawns and imperial scampi
Pumpkin tortelli dressed with grana sauce and amaretto’s grain
Torrone filled tortelli with melted Auricchio provolone

Based on the availability you can find our gastronomic proposal with


Rice with blueberries and Bufala brie cheese mousse
Rice with licorice and saffron
Rice with porcini mushrooms
Rice with red radish and Amarone wine
Rice with saffron and braised veal
Rice with salmon and rocket
Risotto 700 (Rice with bacon, rocket and smoked cheese)
Risotto with truffle cream and smoked goose breast
Beef tartare with egg yolk, senapi, scalogno onion and capers
Brased pork cheek with polenta
Cremonese cotechino with lentils and polenta
Fillet of beef with truffle sauce
Gwinea fowl from Ugo Tognazzi’s “l’Abbuffone”
Mixed roast fish- squids and prowns kebab and fillet of bass
Pot of seafood
Selection of italian cheeses with home-made jam
Sliced steak (beef) with bay

In Autumn and Winter you can find also our


Grandmothers’s Piera Amaretti cake
Nougat parfait with chocolate sauce

Deserts are homemade, so the list can vary according to season and products availability


You’ll find our selections of wine, perfetct to partner with all our dishes.